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Imagine that every sales rep you have is a profit center. How many would you hire?

The answer is obvious – as many as you can!

Your company’s future rests heavily on a small group of people – your sales professionals. In fact, according to Fortune magazine, good salespeople are the number one hiring priority.

Are your sales people meeting their quotas?

Or do they...

  • Miss sales forecasts and say it's not their fault?
  • Give prospects too much information and get nothing in return?
  • Sell on price alone?
  • Tell you they've "got a hot one!" but nothing happens?
  • Consistently miss their quotas but say it'll get better next month?
  • Blame the competition, the economy or the company for their failures?
  • Write proposals only to find their information in the competition’s hands?
  • Complain they never have time to prospect?
  • Give the "presentation of their life" and get a "think it over" response?  

There are two keys to increasing revenues:

  1. Hire the right sales people
  2. Assess your sales force and evaluate their processes 

Hiring right:

If you’ve ever hired a salesperson that looked great at the interview and had stellar credentials…but just didn’t perform, you’ve felt the pain of a bad hire.

Most corporate leaders have difficulty discerning which sales people will SELL SUCCESSFULLY under any circumstances. If you rely on gut instinct to hire, you’ll frequently find your salespeople to be expenses, instead of a profit-generating center. Hiring mistakes directly affect your bottom line.

Assessing and evaluating your sales force:

Once you have the right people, you have to asses them, and put in a system and process to develop them to their fullest potential.

When you evaluate your sales force, you’ll find out not only if your sales people can sell, but how much they can sell. Amongst other things, you’ll learn how to establish reasonable expectations, how to figure out your ROI, and what you have to do to achieve your goals.

That’s where we can help. We’re in the assessment business. We work with companies that believe their sales people are absolutely essential to the success of their business.

We assess people's talents, personality, skills, behaviour, learning abilities, and occupational interests to help you make intelligent hiring decisions.

Epic Development and Evaluations deliver results. We assess and validate all the phases of your employees, from selecting and hiring, to training, coaching, managing performance, engagement and succession planning.

Through this gathering process, we help you put the right people in the right jobs. Then we process this information to help you coach, train, manage and motive them to greater productivity, higher profitability and increased success.

Would you like a proven method to increase sales, reduce employee turnover, and enhance customer satisfaction?

Call Howard Popliger today: (514) 421-0455

Our guarantee: Always actionable or it’s free!

Make every salesperson a profit center.

Free Sales Achievements Grader Free Sales Force Grader Free Hiring Mistake Calculator Your Free Sales Guide

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