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Can anyone be trained to sell?
Yes. But not everyone will become effective enough to make training them worthwhile. Some people have the desire and commitment necessary to be successful at selling activities and some don't. Thorough evaluation of sales candidates before training insures that training dollars will be well spent.

Can we do the training ourselves?
Of course. But, do you have the time? Do you have the patience? Do you have the expertise not only to sell yourself but also to transfer that knowledge to others? Will your people take you as seriously as they will an "outside expert"? Will your people share their problems and concerns with you?

Can't we do our own training with books, videos, and tapes?
Yes. But unless yours is a very simple, low ticket product you probably will get marginal return on your investment. Sales is an interactive skill exercised between real people. Only practice that accurately simulates the real world with your product and sales conditions will build great salespeople.

How long does training take?
That depends on how fast your people learn; how often they get to apply what they learn; their incentive to apply the skills; and the difficulty of the sale. It's always safe to say that good training is not just education, but coaching, repetition, reinforcement, and practice as well. While they have their place, you are unlikely to get long term results with a one-day seminar.

Where does the training take place?
Depending on the nature of the training, it may be conducted at our facility or at yours, or both. In many cases we will refer you to a qualified trainer in your area. We may arrange for training in multiple cities where your salespeople are located so they can get the ongoing reinforcement that insures success.

Are you familiar with our industry?
Our network of trainers includes people who are familiar with selling almost any type of product or service. More importantly we are experts in designing sales processes tailored to individual companies and sales teams.

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